Rocksolid, Inc Reviews Entry Level Jobs for Class of 2014!

Congrats class of 2014!! Your years of hard work have paid off and you’ve earned a degree! Now the question is what do you do with it? On to grad school? Keep the service job you have now because it’s cash in your pocket at the end of night? Throw your resume onto countless job boards and see who calls?


Rocksolid, Inc Reviews Expectations from Entry Level Jobs

Entertainment venues like TV, Movies, and Magazines have painted a beautiful picture of what a career should look like for people in their 20s and 30s.  Most entry level employees grew up seeing professional jobs being nothing less than working 9-5, living in a trendy loft in a high-rise building and starting the day with a $8 latte on your way to trying to see what ad slogan should be used for a Super Bowl Commercial as a way to connect via social media.

Business people drinking coffee

Unfortunately, the last several graduating classes have realized that is not necessarily the case. The overwhelming majority of college grads since the market crash of 2008 have found themselves in a rut.  Working a job they don’t like, unrelated to their goals, or worst of all; not working.


Rocksolid, Inc Reviews Goals for an Entry Level Job Seeker

Mastery. Think of the word, Mastery. What comes to mind? Masters of a specific trade? Perfection? The best at something? What needs to be done to master something?  Mastering a skill set can take decades of repetition or cost a small fortune in education.  But isn’t that what Entry Level jobs are for?  To learn a new set skills?  Spend time learning from failures when the stakes aren’t as high?  Isn’t that what earning a Master’s degree is all about?  When we’re in school we all know being a student comes first, we are literally paying to learn.  But what happens to that student mentality when entering the workforce?  Do you still ask questions?

Developing a master level skill set takes time, it can’t be measured in dollars and cents like a degree.  There is no 4.0 GPA scale to tell people how well or poorly they’re doing.  As Tony Robbins always says, “Each day, we have to be practice the act of Constant Never Ending Improvements.”  The only judge can be yourself.

Congrats class of 2014!!!  Keep that student mindset, work hard, and enjoy these next few years!  They’re as exciting as it gets!


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